Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter on the coast

Winter in Capitola may not find anyone on the beach, but we like it that way. Way too many people in the summer time. Now the surf is up and you don't have to fight for a wave. Nice...

Keeping each other warm can be fun.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Good time with Mark,Lena , Mom and Dad over.

Happy Thanks Giving.

Black friday is not my idea of fun going shopping so Stephanie, Morgan and I went out for a boat ride. Pretty nice.

We sure had a good time with Mom and Dad over. It is great to get together once in a while. Can't wait till this summer. Geoff and Dad battled it out for the lead in the clay shooting contest. The old guy still has it. He was making dust out of those clay plates. We all got schooled that day. The weather was cold while they were here, and of cource, now it is warm again.

" OK, now, gimme that thing, you! Ill show you how it is done."

Went for a pretty nice hike in Clifty Falls State park.


I am pretty nice when I am not teasing Geoffrey and driving my Mom and Dad crazy.

Have a Happy Holidays Everyone

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Old Dude get together in freezen-colds-ville IL

Yes, we all look like old codgers. From little to a lot of snow has fallen on these peaks. And we are still hanging in there with happy grins, amazing.

11-06 Scott

Happy Thanksgiving.

We were just at the beach this Wed. night before Thanksgiving and were feeling pretty thankfull. We had all you can eat Sushi and Chinese food. After that we walked along downtown Santa Cruz and bummed around the great book stores.
We are thankfull for great families that have been so close even after living so far apart. We will be having turkey at the lodge with friends and family tomorrow in ScottsValley. Wishing you only the best during this wonderful day. Love Scott and Kate. (I just took this shot, looks great.)

Monday, November 20, 2006

See my quote of the day

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Halloween in California, 2006

They had so much fun with their friends this year. I missed running door to door with a baby too tired to walk. I was happy to show off my little bundle of joy. Now I just stand in the street with the rest of the parents watching them run from door to door. I was able to keep in better shape back then. Sarah was a chear leader, Hank was a snake charmer, and Audrey was Dorthy this year.

Awesome time with Nana and Papa!

At the Zoo!

Hanging with Papa!

The boys together again!

After a two week trip to Columbus Ohio,Madison Indiana,Kirtland (for Church History sites) and the Niagra Falls, I could bet that Mom and Dad are ready to be home and get a little peace and quiet!! They really were great the whole time and we had a ball with them! Mark and Scott and they went down to Brian's house the first weekend! I have heard the trip included a visit to the local hamburger joint as well as some clay pigeon shooting.

As far as at our house, we went to the Columbus Zoo on a beautifully sunny day, and had a double date out with them. We went to P.F.Chang's China Bistro for dinner, which was a first for them, an had frozen custard for dessert! Nearly every night we all gathered around the big movie screen and watched either home videos or movies! They were SO helpful I honestly felt like I was getting a break for how often they either did dishes,cleaned up, or helped out with laundry!! I loved it! Lena and Dane had so much fun with them too! Dane just LOVED papa, and wanted to sit on his lap all the time. Lena stuck with Nana too! She misses them already! In fact, Dane said goodnight to them as I layed him in his bed tonight! "Nite'nite Nana! Nite nite papa!" He called. We are so glad to have had such quality time with them! Love you guys!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Higbees Halloween!

We had a great Halloween this year! Nothing special, just trick-or-treating and all that, but it was fun! We decked the house all up with scary decor and lights as usual and the neighbors all love coming over. I took the kids around the neighborhood for only an hour, but that was enough for me. Vienna found some friends and parted from us to be with some "cool" people, and Kael and his older cousin headed out alone for an hour so they could get all the "loot" they could. Saxon was done after about the 10th house or so. For being Buzz lightyear he sure wasn't very tough! Luckily the kids didn't get TOO much candy. It doesn't look like I will have to sneak candy into the trash this year! The kids had a great time and mom and dad even got to come up early for Vienna's school parade. Mom even helped with V's class party. The kids loved dressing up. Vie was a fabulous sparkly witch, Kael was Capt. Jack Sparrow the Skeleton, and Saxon was the brave and fearless Buzz Lightyear. I was a Spider Witch for Viennas Halloween party at school, but I decided to dress up as a bundled up mommy for the trick-or-treating. We had a great Halloween. The kids are depressed that they have to wait a whole year for the next one!!

A few pics from the holiday!

At the school parade! (She wouldn't smile because she was so aware of her lipstick and refused to wear her hat !)

On the way to school!

"Smile!?!" HUH?
Dane and Lena's delightful posing. (With friend)

Mark as MAD/NERD Scientist

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