Monday, October 27, 2008

Geoff with the gang. Geoff had a great game this week at defensive end. I saw him, on one play, push through the blocker one arm and and make the tackle on the running back with the other arm. It was awesome. I need a camera that will take these night pics/videos.

Jess at one of Steph's games.

Morgan is the goalie getting charged on by the other team. He is fearless and he was the instant fit for goalie when he joined the team this year. Big fun to watch.

Steph got another block in the final game of the season. I like watching her because she can play anywhere on the court.

Things will get a lot quieter in the winter because no one will be playing any organized sports. Whew! Have a happy Fall.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wrap up on summer.

Morgan, Geoffrey and the scouts went to the Big South Fork river and did some white water canoeing.

Then I flew out and had a good time hanging with Mom and Dad. Dad still plays a mean round of golf.

I got a crazy good deal on a car I found on Craigs list and so I drove that home from Utah. Stephanie was glad to see me.

We went and saw the Cincinnati Reds play the Chicago Cubs. Thats always a good one.

I cant remember a more busy summer.. Now everyone is playing their sport and trying to hammer out the grades.