Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keepin Up!

So, I'm not posting hardly at all on this blog, but I'm checking it so keep posting! And check out our family blog for updates on the Higbees. It's hard enough to post on my own much less both, so click on our link! I wish we could somehow get Pauls family updating. It really closes the super big gap between us! So, keep taking a moment to let us all know how things are going! Love ya!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A " Glimmer" that summer is here.

It is Payback time for that beautiful Friday and 80 degree Saturday we had in the Midwest as the storm that dumped snow on Colorado moves in tomorrow. We got yard work done, Started getting the pool up and running, Worked on the boat, Drove around town with the top down, Geoff had a Track meet and Stephanie had a Tennis Meet. Morgan and his Friends rode 10 miles on their mountain bikes. . Ahh --Im a summer person.

Morgan Geoff and Brian at Natural bridge State Park in Lexington KY. Cool Arch, eh?

Steph at the Library.

Steph at Prom with Levi.

Jessica with one of those cool kid from Utah.

Another Good pic of our Scout Trip to The Red River Gorge. Thats an arch that is the only one in the world that bridges over a river.