Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cool sundays.

SAH and AEH after church in the parking lot.
We had a calm sunday. I taught 2 lessons. We cooked up turkey burgers on the George Forman Grill. Snoozed a little. Went to the nearby ball diamond down the block to hit some balls around. The kids love the ball time when they get to hit a bucket of balls pitched by dear old Dad. You don't get that much attention from a game or a practice. Sarah was eager to break a record for hitting a ball out of the infield. Sarah's ball coach says she will get an Icee for hitting a ball out there. For a seven year old, that is a big thing. It was a great Sunday in the sun. Sarah and I are reading the Harry Potter book Order of the Phoniex to get ready for the movie coming out in July (she loves to read). Scott and Kate

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

California monopoly.

It was nice to take a break Sunday to relax together as a family. We have been so busy this past month it feels good to be still for awhile. We had fun on the Florida trip and most of us are finally over the cold/flu we picked up. Audrey is off on a week long school trip to Yosemite National park in the California Sierra mountains. We miss her already. It is nice to go to a school that has so many big activities and extra days off. Both Hank and Sarah are thrilled to go with dad to work this week. The special kids at work day will be loaded with fun and tours. After that is a big company movie party at one of the triplexs near by. All the pizza, soda, and candy you can eat in front of a full size movie screen. I hope to win some big cash too, with some luck. Have a great week. -Scott

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Watch out Tiger Woods!

I know this picture is a few weeks old, but I thought I would post this picture of dad! We took him golfing and he was awsome! He was amazing especially for not being on a course in 15 years!! He schooled us! Love you Dad! Brian!! Post your pictures of golfing! I want to see those!!

A Fun Weekend in Logan!

Well it was spring break for us here in Utah and with Vienna having a dance competition in Logan, our destination was a given! We made a fun trip out of it and had a great time! Vienna did so well and she and her team took Gold! We are so proud of her. She even got to take home a rather beautiful dancer sculpture for her trophy (mom was happy it wasn't an unly piece of plastic!!). We just spent time playing in the pool, eating great sushi from a new sushi restaurant in Logan, and watching dance (not Bryces idea of a fun spring break unless his little girl is dancing!). It was a great weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

An EGGSTREME Easter in Utah!

O.k. so I know this is a week late, but better late then never! We had a nice Easter with mom and dad and Brian and Jess. After a visit from the Easter Bunny, they came to church with us which was fun then we had a little Easter dinner at my house! Then we did a little digesting and decided to go for a walk to the park! Sounds real exciting I know, but sometimes it is just nice to hang out and be together. I think mom and dad even scored a nap at some point during the day!! The park was fun! Lots of goofy pictures, playing with the dogs, and just plain ol' fun! The only thing missing was everyone else! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We miss everyone very much. Seeing Brian makes me realize how much I miss the whole family. Thank goodness for the family reunion!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hi Guys,
How are the Halversens all over the place? We sure hope your Easter was a little more easy than ours. We heard that Lori hosted dinner at thier house and I am sure made some delicious specialty foods! My contribution to Easter dinner at my mom's was a fresh fruit salad wrapped in a delectable layers of extra sweetened cool whip. Not exactly gourmet but tasty nonetheless!
We had a nice yet rather unspiritual Easter my post to know why. But we did turn up some really cute pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes... I made the dress and Dane's tie. Check em out- I made a flickr album link on my bliggity bloggity boo.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Let's FLY!

I happy to announce that we finally bought our tickets to UTAH for July!!! It was a difficult thing to find- but I think we were really blessed to get what we did! Of course I have been checking for months and every time I have they have been around $400 (or MORE) a pop! I was getting kind of worried! Then, yesterday, I looked for a half hour online and literally EVERY date I put in was unavailable on travelocity! THEN, I checked some airlines online directly and they quoted me $560 a ticket! I was starting to think we'd have to come to Las Vegas to get to Salt Lake. I called my mom and told her my predicament, and true to form she pulled some magic and found us tickets going into SLC for 250 a ticket TOTAL with taxes and everything! I have NO IDEA how they showed up!
Soooo, this is the deal. We are getting in on the 3rd of JULY, which is really nice for us because it allows all of us to fly in together, (we were planning on flying completely separately) and then Mark will stay until Sunday. We, on the other hand are staying for 3 whole weeks! I was originally wanting to stay with the kids for 2 weeks, but those dates were not available. SOOO, I am hoping to do this. 1 week at Lori and Bryce's, 1 week at Nana and Papa's and then split the last week between my old college roommate (lives in provo) and a good friend of mine from Texas that lives in Saratoga now. I am super excited to get away for all this time and want to make it a fun vacation. So I want to plan lots of fun things!! Anyway- just had to share!
Rachel and Mark