Saturday, May 19, 2007

Roxanne, Geoff, Morgie and Steph

Here is a partial family portrait. Sorry about the top of Geoff's head, but at 6' 2" , it's hard to get all of him in a picture. You may notice something a little different about Roxanne...Jess decided I needed a little something and so she highlighted my hair. Geoff says it makes me look younger. That's my boy.

Trip to the temple

We had a youth temple trip on Thursday. The group picture (minus me) is our youth minus about 4 boys and 4 girls. This is actually considered a big group out here. Brian didn't get to come because they changed the date at the last minute and he had a big outage. I was worried Morgan wouldn't be able to come with us on his first temple trip because he had a fever, sore throat and earache the night before. After a trip to the doctor where he complained about his right ear, the doctor diagnosed him with an ear infection in the left ear! An antibiotic and some ibuprofen later, and we were all set to go. For those of you out west, that is the Louisville, Kentucky temple in the background.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hanks B-day

Hank is 12.... We had a blast on the beach. Seven boys, seven big shovels, seven huge holes and eleven connecting passageways. We played all kinds of sand sports and flew kites. It was lots of fun. We had a ton of food left over even though the kids ate quite a bit and burnt (probably just for fun) even more over the bonfire. It is nice to frolic in the waves all afternoon especially when you can chase three little sister tag-a-longs. No big sisters to chase though because Audrey and her gang of five were hanging out down the beach "tanning". Hank ended up with a Japanese language program (watch out Heather, Hank already knows how to say "May I have one of your business cards please") and his heart's desire, a PSP with some of his favorite games to go on it. He is a happy boy looking forward to a summer free from school. Scott

Monday, May 14, 2007

Used car lot?

You may be asking yourself, "Is that a used car lot?" No, it's Brian's driveway. And believe it or not, two of our cars are missing from this picture. How many cars can one person drive at a time? (I ask myself). I think he's a little crazy with his hobby.

Getting ready for baseball season!

Brian has been working with Morgan on his pitching to get him ready for the season. Games start in a couple of weeks.

Nice night for a drive!

Brian and Geoff took off for a ride through the countryside on one of our absolutely gorgeous evenings. You will notice there are no helmets involved. Roxanne tries not to think about that.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day!

Vienna and Nana in Logan at the park!
Our bruised and battered boy and his bunny!
I haven't seen a new post in awhile so I thought I'd break the silence. Things with us are going great! Busy Busy Busy as I'm sure you all know. I seems that this time of the year the schools want to cram as much as possible into the month of May. The dance studio is getting ready for recital so I'm putting in extra time there, the kids are in soccer, T-ball, tumbling, dance, girl scouts, and whatever else comes our way! Trust me, I'm trying not to overschedule!!! Saxon took a tumble out of the car a couple of weeks ago and boy did he get a goosegg! From that goosegg came a swollen nose, two black eyes, and questionable looks to the parents from everyone who encountered him!! A few days after that he took another blow to the head when he decided to take a causual stroll in front of Vienna's swing. I'm suprised social serviced hasn't arrived at our door. We have also decided to be owners of rabbits. It is a long story, but we have two new lion head bunnies and they are cute. Very easy to take care of and the kids love them. Now all we need is some chickens, a few goats, and a cow and we will have a regular old farm!!! NO THANKS! No more animals for me. I'm just glad our kids take care of the ones we have.
We are heading up to mom and dad's for Mothers Day! I hope all of you mothers have a nice peaceful mothers day. The thing about mothers day is, we don't really get the day off, EVER! We are always mothers and that is all there is too it! I've learned not to expect much on this day. But it is wonderful at the least. Oh Wells, I hope everyone's is grand!