Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ode to Christmas!

What a great Christmas we had! The worst part of Christmas is when it's all over. We go into a sort of depression these few days after the holiday. Mom and Dad came over to celebrate with us! Christmas Eve at the Higbee home consists of lots of great appetizers, Mr. Kreuger's Christmas, Seeing the luminaries in Alpine, and the big Nativity production. The Food turned out great! I made crab, cheese fondu, and large array of high-fat tasty morsels. The movie was wonderful as usual. The luminaires that our town sets up in their yards were great (an Alpine tradition) and we got to see Santa on the way! The Nativity production was priceless! Have you ever seen "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever"? Well, here it was complete with a bossy angel, a crying shepard, Mary and Joseph duking it out over who gets to kiss the baby Jesus, one shepard in a trance, and at one point we even had Joseph hand-cuffing one of the shepards. It was pure pandimonium and it was wonderful. Thank goodness for video! It was one of those Christmas memories we will never forget!

Christmas morning came and we like to torture our kids a bit. No presents until a full glass of EGG NOG is consumed. We are talkin the THICK stuff! Have you ever tried to down egg nog fast? It is not an easy task and the kids sure do hate us for it! It's all good because it is really entertaining for mom and dad! The paper finally flew, the kids dreams were achieved, and the rest of the day was spent putting toys together. Like I said, we are all in a little state of depression knowing all the decorations will soon be coming down and it will be a whole year before the next big dance.
Big Boy Dane with cuz Addie

Lena with her new baby doll,affectionately named "Lena Elise Halversen"

The Luv-birds

120 Gingerbread cookies....7 hours to make, gone in 60 seconds!

A new Christmas Tradition

Well, since my parents were in Miami, FLA until Christmas Day, my siblings spent thier holidays with thier in-laws, (what we WISH we had done too!) So we didn't celebrate until the day after. We decided this year since everyone was kind of tired of cooking already, that we would go OUT for our Christmas dinner! IT was great and we are planning on a repeat for next year! We went to this newer place near us that is on the Resevoir waterfront and has a really nice fresh feel, and got a private room. It was so nice. After dinnner, we all went to our house and had presents, songs, and went over memories everyone has had of Christmas's past. It was really nice. I will post some pictures next for some reason this post is not allowing me to do it. Hope everyone's celebrations were fantastic.
Rachel & Mark

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas eve with Family is the way it should be. Wishing we can have more time with the Indiana, Ohio, Utah, and Idaho families. It is amazing how time flies. Soon the kids will be settled down taking care of their own kids. My kids are growing up so very fast.
Above are Sarah and Audrey with thier cousins Alli and Daniel.
The California Halversens had a great day of hearing the kids sing in church, cooking, cleaning, and feasting. The Eve presentations by everyone turned out to be a lot of fun. The parents take a break after the kids go to bed. Holidays are so much fun but also a lot of work.
Scott and Kate

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I can't wait till Christmas because you get lots of presents. Also it's a good holiday. And winter is my favorite season. Two of my cousins are sleeping over! Plus one of my aunts is sleeping over too. It will be the best Christmas ever!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Don't you just LOVE Christmas!

Well, it's getting closer and closer! And the hardest thing about it is knowing that when Christmas is finally here, it will all be over!! This is such a special time of the year and we are having so much fun! I decided to get all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving and because I did that, I have been able to completely enjoy the season. Don't get me wrong we have been busy with parties, school performances, dance performances, places to go, lights to see, and all that, but it's has been a lot better knowing that I am ready for the "big day".

Last night we went downtown to see the lights at Gateway and Temple Square! We started at the Gateway where the kids played in the fountains. I didn't think they would actually play IN the fountains, but they had a different idea! After getting soaked and grabbing some dinner, we boarded TRAX and went to temple square. It's a good thing it was 52 degrees, because with 3 wet kids it could have meant the end of the trip had it been any colder! Temple square was hoppin'. It was mutual night and I think about every single mutual group decided to go on the same night. As long as we weren't next to any obnoxious teenage girls (as Bryce call them) It was alright. The kids loved the nativity, all the great lights, and seeing where mom and dad were married. Kael said to me, "Mom, when I get bigger can I marry you in that temple?" He was a little upset when I told him that I'm already taken, but I assured that he would find somone even COOLER that his mommy!!

The kids are so excited for Christmas! I try to spend the week before Christmas prepping them on what this whole holiday is about. I think it is easy to forget when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle! We are thinking of seeing that new movie The Nativity, and having a few family home evenings with some thoughtful Christmas lessons. I think this is so fun! Bryce is a number one fan of the holidays and I think a lot of that has rubbed off on me. I hope you are all having a good time with your families and are taking time to enjoy the beautiful things about this season. It is nice to have this blog so we can share all of our Christmas memories together! May these days leading up to Christmas be peaceful and enjoyable!

Cool kids

Church Girls have more fun.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cool December days can be fun.

It looks like we are going to spend Christmas here on the coast. If anyone wants to come over we will treat you like kings and queens. After some good sleep catching up we will spend a few days and nights in San Francisco doing the tourist thing. Cameras, SF t-shirts, and clam chowder bowls.
Looking cool is easy when the San Francisco winds chill you to the bone.

The kids don't like anything historical so we must go to some historical museums... Hmmm, What else don't they like....
Also see some boaring Japanies Gardens and a mile long National art muesum. This is to make sure their Christmas vacation seemed like a month and not just a couple of days.
We are good parents....

Oh ya.... We must walk across the Golden Gate Bridge... They don't like hiking either.

What they do like is resturaunts. hotels, movie theaters, and fun parks.... Just maybe we will do that to.

Santa Cruz is great in the winter. Feels comfortable and old fashioned.
Wishing your days off will be fun. I will call you to make sure.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Merry Christmas flashback CA

1997 Christmas, Audrey 3 and Hank 1.5. We had lots of fun with our two little cuties. Now with our newest angle we even have more fun.

With the great amount of winter rain, we have been spending more time in then out of the house. We were still able to spend Saturday on the beach in the 55 MPH winds. We were all standing sideways. Great big wind waves filled the ocean and we watched the spray fly up the air. After every one got chilled we went to downtown Santa Cruz to have some Sushi at AqueBlu for Kates Birthday Lunch. We had the window seats so we can see the people fly by on the brisk wind. Later that night we went to the parent only Christmas party with fine dinning on wonderfull tri-tip steaks and the works. Aunty Lizz sang Opera and everyone had t0 Congrates her on the great job.
Scott and Kate

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thanksgiving at Mom and Dads!

My Little Girl and I skating away!
Kael LOVED Mom's Turkey!

We had a great Thanksgiving at Mom and Dads this year. Bryce and I were thinking it was going to be just us, but last minute Paul and his family were able to come down for a visit. We had a great day full of great food and even a couple of football games! I even tried some great new recipes! The weather really changed for the colder right before, so not a lot of outside activities, but we had a great time!

Bryce, the kids, and I drove up to Logan for the last football game of the year (no bowl games for Utah State surprise surprise!) We had a lot of fun. We did some swimming, eating at our favorite Chinese restaurant, and playing around. On the way home we stopped by the Air Force Museum at Hill AFB and had so much fun! The kids thought that was excellent, so did I. Seeing an F-16 and a Blackbird and some of those other planes up close is quite and experience!

Vienna had her first performance of the season down at the Gallivan Center in SLC. She did beautifully! She sure loves to perform even in 20 degree weather! Afterwards we went skating and I tried to teach her a few tricks! She now wants to skate and I'm thinking she better sitck with dance ( its a little cheaper). Mom came with us and we went out for dinner to an Indian Restaurant. We rode to train to see some Christmas lights and do a little shopping downtown! We had a great time!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter on the coast

Winter in Capitola may not find anyone on the beach, but we like it that way. Way too many people in the summer time. Now the surf is up and you don't have to fight for a wave. Nice...

Keeping each other warm can be fun.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Good time with Mark,Lena , Mom and Dad over.

Happy Thanks Giving.

Black friday is not my idea of fun going shopping so Stephanie, Morgan and I went out for a boat ride. Pretty nice.

We sure had a good time with Mom and Dad over. It is great to get together once in a while. Can't wait till this summer. Geoff and Dad battled it out for the lead in the clay shooting contest. The old guy still has it. He was making dust out of those clay plates. We all got schooled that day. The weather was cold while they were here, and of cource, now it is warm again.

" OK, now, gimme that thing, you! Ill show you how it is done."

Went for a pretty nice hike in Clifty Falls State park.


I am pretty nice when I am not teasing Geoffrey and driving my Mom and Dad crazy.

Have a Happy Holidays Everyone

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Old Dude get together in freezen-colds-ville IL

Yes, we all look like old codgers. From little to a lot of snow has fallen on these peaks. And we are still hanging in there with happy grins, amazing.

11-06 Scott

Happy Thanksgiving.

We were just at the beach this Wed. night before Thanksgiving and were feeling pretty thankfull. We had all you can eat Sushi and Chinese food. After that we walked along downtown Santa Cruz and bummed around the great book stores.
We are thankfull for great families that have been so close even after living so far apart. We will be having turkey at the lodge with friends and family tomorrow in ScottsValley. Wishing you only the best during this wonderful day. Love Scott and Kate. (I just took this shot, looks great.)

Monday, November 20, 2006

See my quote of the day

Yo' Fam' -- don't forget to check my blog regularly for the stuff I'm not postin' here- =)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Halloween in California, 2006

They had so much fun with their friends this year. I missed running door to door with a baby too tired to walk. I was happy to show off my little bundle of joy. Now I just stand in the street with the rest of the parents watching them run from door to door. I was able to keep in better shape back then. Sarah was a chear leader, Hank was a snake charmer, and Audrey was Dorthy this year.

Awesome time with Nana and Papa!

At the Zoo!

Hanging with Papa!

The boys together again!

After a two week trip to Columbus Ohio,Madison Indiana,Kirtland (for Church History sites) and the Niagra Falls, I could bet that Mom and Dad are ready to be home and get a little peace and quiet!! They really were great the whole time and we had a ball with them! Mark and Scott and they went down to Brian's house the first weekend! I have heard the trip included a visit to the local hamburger joint as well as some clay pigeon shooting.

As far as at our house, we went to the Columbus Zoo on a beautifully sunny day, and had a double date out with them. We went to P.F.Chang's China Bistro for dinner, which was a first for them, an had frozen custard for dessert! Nearly every night we all gathered around the big movie screen and watched either home videos or movies! They were SO helpful I honestly felt like I was getting a break for how often they either did dishes,cleaned up, or helped out with laundry!! I loved it! Lena and Dane had so much fun with them too! Dane just LOVED papa, and wanted to sit on his lap all the time. Lena stuck with Nana too! She misses them already! In fact, Dane said goodnight to them as I layed him in his bed tonight! "Nite'nite Nana! Nite nite papa!" He called. We are so glad to have had such quality time with them! Love you guys!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Higbees Halloween!

We had a great Halloween this year! Nothing special, just trick-or-treating and all that, but it was fun! We decked the house all up with scary decor and lights as usual and the neighbors all love coming over. I took the kids around the neighborhood for only an hour, but that was enough for me. Vienna found some friends and parted from us to be with some "cool" people, and Kael and his older cousin headed out alone for an hour so they could get all the "loot" they could. Saxon was done after about the 10th house or so. For being Buzz lightyear he sure wasn't very tough! Luckily the kids didn't get TOO much candy. It doesn't look like I will have to sneak candy into the trash this year! The kids had a great time and mom and dad even got to come up early for Vienna's school parade. Mom even helped with V's class party. The kids loved dressing up. Vie was a fabulous sparkly witch, Kael was Capt. Jack Sparrow the Skeleton, and Saxon was the brave and fearless Buzz Lightyear. I was a Spider Witch for Viennas Halloween party at school, but I decided to dress up as a bundled up mommy for the trick-or-treating. We had a great Halloween. The kids are depressed that they have to wait a whole year for the next one!!

A few pics from the holiday!

At the school parade! (She wouldn't smile because she was so aware of her lipstick and refused to wear her hat !)

On the way to school!

"Smile!?!" HUH?
Dane and Lena's delightful posing. (With friend)

Mark as MAD/NERD Scientist

Click on my blog to see a few more! =)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Backwards Day at School!

Vienna was so excited to dress up backwards for school today! She loves kindergarten and loves all of her new friends! This is our next door neighbor Lindsay. They are thick as theives!

Pictures from my previous blog!

I couldn't get the picture icon to work with my last blog so here are some pictures of our last spooky outing!

Halloween is the BEST!

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year! I love the weather, the smells, and most of all scaring the #$@* out of my kids! O.K. I know it sounds a little mean, but I love the spookiness of the season! We took the kids to Hee Haws, a corn maze and pumpkin patch near our house. It has some great things for the kids. Tractor rides, farm animals, a spook alley, hay jumps, and best of all, a haunted hayride! We took the whole family on it and let me tell you, I have never laughed so hard in my life!! Vienna found some friends to ride with so she didn't want to ride sitting next to mom and dad. The hayride began and so did the screams! Of course there were lots of monsters, creepy animals, and chainsaw guys dancing around our wagon. The girls turned one way and screamed, turned the other way and screamed, looked behind them and screamed, they even screamed when someone in the back of the wagon screamed! Everyone else on the wagon was so entertained by the screaming girls at the front of the wagon that the ride for them was anything but scary! Kael loved all the creepy stuff, and Saxon I'm sure was just trying to figure out what the heck was going on. They actually had a great time! At the end of the hayride portion of the event, everyone was unloaded from the wagon and escorted to the haunted corn maze. Vienna was all screamed out and Saxon wanted to go down the slide, but Kael was all ready to go. Kael and I headed into the dark maze and out came more bloody monsters and creepy things. Kael loved it. He told everyone around us to leave all the monsters to him, he was gonna take care of them. He single handedly scared off all of the gouls and I even heard a few chuckles from the chainsaw guy!! Wow I was so impressed. What a great night it was. Like I said, I LOVE this time of year!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006

"Don't let your kids play with sharp pointy things."

It must feel weird to hold a butter knife bigger than you.
But for most boys (and men) this is the coolest thing around here in Highland Mountains of California. You should see the hundreds of guys drooling over the long swords and even buying them. We saw lots of swords strapped on backs that day. Great for spreading jelly.... I hear.

Just had to share this picture of one happy guy. Hard to tell with that I'm cool look he is doing in the photo.

They did have some pretty cool looking swords.