Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Our 9th Anniversary!

Gotta Love the Self Portraits!
On Top Of the World!
The scenery is great (especially my big Butt on the bike!!)
WPGA Here I Come!!
No Saxon! You can't come even if you do fit in the suitcase!!

Bryce and I had a great time celebrating our 9th anniversary this weekend! Bryce rented a condo down in Brian Head, a small ski resort in southern Utah. We had a blast! We got to do our favorite bike ride called Dark Hollow and it was great! Starting at 11,000 feet altitude and decending to just over 4,000 feet, you see all the amazing altitudes that Utah mountains have to offer! We went from 30 degrees and snow to 70 degrees and desert sand in a matter of 3 hours and 20 miles! After spending some time in the hot tub after such a grueling ride, we drove down to St. George to play a little golf and do some shopping! What a perfect weekend. We rarely get to bike together anymore, so it was perfect for us! Not to mention getting a chance to golf together. Having little ones at home makes it difficult to do ANYTHING alone together! Mom and Dad had some good times with the kids! They took them to UP-Chuckie Cheese, Soccer games, the park, and all those fun things that kids get to do with Nanas and Papas. Mom and Dad even got to go to the BYU game! Hopefully they aren't too exhausted from the weekend. They are great! This weekend got us excited for winter! We can't wait for the snow to fly! The tops of the mountains are covered and we will just have to wait! This year we are getting Vienna and Kael in ski school so they can come with us. I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little while longer for Saxon! I love this time of year and all that it brings!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scott on lunch break.. "I should have been jogging."

Dim Sum with work mates in the Bay Area.

Flash-back Lori and Jessica

Ok.. This is a short range flash back... But a good one and with attitude.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lena Turns 5!!

Fast and Easy is what we call this years Birthday party! Lena turned 5 on Saturday and we had a dual party at Chuck-E-Cheese with Rachel's neice Addie who turned 3 a day later. Last year I did this humongous princess party with kids from school & church... Complete with tiara cake, pin the glass slipper on cinderella, make your own tiara craft, musical poison apple game, etc... but in all honesty, Lena didn't seem to like the big group of kids so much yet. I felt like she didn't really even care. At the time her biggest concern was that the other kids were cramping her space while she unwrapped her gifts!!

This year she had a great time with family and games and pizza and cake. I loved not having to clean up, think up exciting games for a million crazed preschoolers, or really anything else!! She did do a little "grass is greener" thing when seeing the gifts Addie got verses the Amazing stuff she got... but what can ya do? Any way- here's a few cute ones for everyone!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Capitola, Ca

"Ahh the smell of the ocean and the wild life on the beach." Parents
"Do we have to be here? I don't want to be at the beach!" Kids
September 2006

The Capitola sand sculpture contest and some food on the wharf make for a great Saturday. The kids think this is old hat and not so fun, but as parents we still enjoy the simple things in life. Sun, sand, and waves... I don't think I will ever be tired of that.

This was my favorite sculpture and it didn't even win first place. I seriousley think they were robbed on this one. Just for fun and when the party is over, the kids stomp it flat.

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's time for me to be a BLOGGER!

I have heard about blogs, read a few blogs, and have even known a few bloggers, but I never thought I, myself would become one of these interesting creatures! No really, I think this is a great idea to have this blog. Living so far apart it is so easy to not know anything about each other. It was such a learning experience to visit with Mark's family and Brian's family. It was like getting to know a whole new family because of how fast families change! Hopefully this will help and I will try to get mom feeling more comfortable about using it. She is absolutely petrified of computers and I have to convince her that they aren't as scary as they seem! I myself am not the computer expert either. I am however quite skilled at using iTunes and ebay, just ask my checking account!

The Higbees are doing great! I am keeping busy as usual! With Vienna in Kindergarten, I am able to spent some much needed time with Kael. I am doing a little home pre-school with him and is has been wonderful! I am teaching dance only 2 times a week and it is perfect. The kids are playing soccer, and I am playing soccer as well. I got a road bike and I have been doing a lot of biking, but have no fear, in my heart I am still a true mountainbiker! Bryce and I are heading down south to a resort in Brian Head for our anniversary so we can bike, golf, and maybe rent some 4-wheelers if we have time. We are always looking for an adventure! (as if kids weren't enough adventure!)

Fall in Utah is just around the corner. Yesterday it was 90 degrees and pretty warm. Today it is windy, rainy, and a brisk 50 degrees. Where in the world is there such diverse weather? Utah weather is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you are going to get! We went camping the motor home last weekend just up in the canyon behind Timp and it was great. The kids get gitty at the mention of camping or the mountains. The leaves are changing and it is my favorite time of the year. We did a lot of marshmellow eating, a little hiking, and little-to-no sleeping. Isn't that what camping is all about? It was a great weekend! Isn't making memories great!

I wanted to give you a little info on our 1st ever Halversen Family Reunion. It will be here in Utah over 4th of July week and EVERYONE is to attend! Hopefully this is enough notice to start saving money and looking for airline tickets or whatever. Rachel has a knack for those airline deals! I will be making the plans for the reunion. I am looking into some condos up in Park City. There is a LOT of fun things going on that week for the holiday and It is a beautiful place to be, so get ready! I will be posting new information as it arises. This is just a nice little HEADS UP!

DANE turned 2!!

So Dane had a small birthday party with Rachel's family last Sunday. He was excited to get a foam ninja sword (which he totally loves using!) and loved all his circus cake as you can see ! He's growing up to be a handsome little man, and loves his big sister so much, he's always following her around and wants to do what she does (much to her dismay)!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Kent flash back. 12-27-2005

Last Dec 27th, 2005

Kent in Capitola California looking cool on the beach with his leather jacket and Clint Eastwood eye action. That look only comes from watching 500 hours of Clint Westerns. Dad has always been a cowboy deep down inside. Yep, a cowboy with a boat.

Looking forward to this Cold Freezing winter.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Audrey rap

From Scott:

We are kicken into the school year and doing the busy busy.

We still make it to the beach to play in the sun and sand but
now it is mixed with lots of homework and getting the house
ready for the long winter. (Rain and all)

Audrey has been the creative one. Here is a rap lyric from her:


Would you please hear.

Please, lend me your ear.

Listen right here, right here.

Don’t give me disrespect.

Please look at me direct, in my eyes.

Don’t look away like I’m telling you lies.

Use your hearing.

You’ll make a big clearing,

in your head.

Yeah, you heard what I said.

If you listen with your heart,

You’re definitely smart.

It’s even in the chart.

You could call it an art.

When you listen to my words,

We’re like a flock of birds.

I’ll listen to you

And we’ll all get a clue

‘Cause it’s all true, all true dude.

It’s not that daring

Just to be caring.

It’s not that cheesy.

Just pretty easy.

Would you please hear.

Please, lend me your ear.

Listen right here, right here.

Don’t give me disrespect.

Please look at me direct,

in my eyes.

Don’t look away like I’m telling you lies.


Saturday, September 09, 2006


Mark spoke with Scott tonight about this idea so I am just putting it quckly into action! Please join in and lets see what we can share together to get a sweeter picture of everyone's lives!