Saturday, March 24, 2007

Its been a while

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't been able to get on and write lately...
Time runs fast between school finals and work. In addition to finishing one school final and preparing for another, Shawn and I now have jobs. About two months ago Shawn and I started working at a local restaurant named Stockman's Restaurant. Shawn is one of the hosts and he says that he loves and enjoys it. I am an 'all around' person. I usually help with dishes, the chefs and servers, and other days I do pantry. (The pantry person does all the food that isn't cooked on the stove or grill. Things like salads, appetizers and deserts.) I like pantry because I get to make very large deserts that include LOTS, yes LOTS of whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate. But the best part is decorating the desert plates to go with the yummy deserts. Allen is painting large, upscale houses with our uncles and grandpa to earn money for his mission. He is working on his mission papers and should turn them in in April. Ryan is working on his art merit badge and will be receiving his first-class ranking next court of honor. Right now my dad is on a business trip in Oklahoma. Allen and I wish to give all of you a warning: As of next Monday, Shawn will be starting Drivers Ed! Please stay off the sidewalks!
Love you all/ Heather

Friday, March 23, 2007

Disco night at the school

Hanks school had a Disco mother and son dance. Hank decided to go retro and be the cool Disco kid during the dance. Platform shoes, polyester shirt, and cool shades. I told him that back then they didn't wear undershirts under the polyester, but he thought I was crazy. Now that I think of it, it was pretty crazy. I spent some nights on the lighted disco floor with angle flight bell bottoms and a vest covering a wide collor shirt.... Scary... whooooow, Flashbacks....
It may be hard to sleep tonight with that thought in my head.
Kate was great. She dressed the part and did the "Hustle" until her feet hurt in the her high heals. They were both glad to be back in the present.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Person I Most Admire

The Person I Most Admire

By Hank Halversen

The person I most admire is my dad. Scott Halversen has a good personality. He is very smart, caring, and funny. Scott has orange hair and is an average height. My dad is special to me.

I’ll never forget when dad went snowboarding with me. It was February 25, 2007 at Dodge Ridge and I wanted to go snowboarding but no one would go with me. Then my dad said he would go with me. No matter how many times he fell he still would go with me. I will never forget it.

The results of this event have changed my behavior and thinking. I am more grateful to my dad in general. He did a big thing falling down the hill snowboarding just to keep me company and this big thing helps me notice all the smaller things he does all the time. I am more persistent when things aren’t easy. Snowboarding isn’t easy but it sure is fun when you persist and start to get better at it. I really like snowboarding now and I want to go back to the ski resort. Remembering that snowboarding was hard and it was worth trying hard to figure it out makes me more persistent when things aren’t easy. I am also very thankful to my dad for going with me snowboarding for my very first time. This is why I admire my dad

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Teen Ballad

I Am A Teen

I am a teen upon the hill.

I am the nicest on the block.

And when I get sick of the hill

My home is the nice beach boardwalk.

I am a teen who’s on a ride.

The one that goes up and down.

When you go up you see the tide.

You can even see the wild town.

I’m a teen in the arcade.

Were all the big, loud games are wild.

And sometimes my hearing can fade

I can’t even here a glad child.

I am a teen upon the sand.

I like to watch the waves go by.

It’s too easy to get a tan

Underneath the lovely blue sky.

I am a teen who gets tired.

Tired of the beach boardwalk fun.

So I go back and retire

Upon the hill under the sun.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

We had mom and dad over today for a traditional St. Patricks Day dinner, well almost! Of course we had corned beef, but no cabbage. We had Greek dolmas instead, their a lot yummier than cabbage!! It was a great dinner and it was even more fun to give mom her much anticipated birthday gift! OSCAR!! After countless hours of searching, I have finally found mom and dad the one thing they have been needing for many years now, a dog. Oscar is a black and white cocker spaniel and he is fantastic! He's two years old and has the best personality! Mom and Dad were surprised, but very happy to have a new friend around the house to keep them company! I think they are going to have a lot of fun with thier new pet! This is the kind of dog that will sit by dad for countless hours in the garage, and be moms right hand man in the garden. Such a loving little pooch. I am excited for them! We had some great cake with all the neighborhood kids around to celebrate! We even built a fire for roasting marshmellows! The weather has been so nice that the kids spent the afternoon in their swimsuits!! It reached 79 today! It's hard to believe that it's still technically winter. Well, we had a great celebration! Call mom and ask her how the new man in her life is doing, Oscar!

Friday, March 16, 2007

From your local Halvie Crafter....

Hey there family- We haven't posted in ages due to the change in password. But hopefully you can check my blog when you want to hear what we are up to. (see here- I am currently making baby bibs, of my own little design that I am pretty excited about. I just posted the first one on my little Etsy store.

The idea is that some of my friends use the really ugly t-shirty over the head bibs because of practicality, so the babe can't get it off. So I came up with a little design that is stylish yet has a stretch neck with an extra button clusure for when the baby is extra small. Anyway..Lori and who ever else might care- I would love some feedback on it. Check it out!-

See ya!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ahh, Kids! Gotta love em!

Had to put a few funny pics of the kids! Vienna dressed Saxon up as a "supermodel" the other day and praded him all around the neighborhood. I'm sure the neighbors are rethinking their plans to find a new home! Vienna is so into face painting and begs me to come up with a new creation all the time. And Saxon, well, he's two and a dirty face is a happy face! We love that kid!

Loving winter but ready for Spring!

Here we are at this interesting time of year when we love the snow and all the fun activities that come with it, however wishing it were spring. With the temperature up to 75 today we can't complain too much! The kids wanted to know if I could put out the Slip n' Slide. That was too funny! Jess came out this weekend to hang out and we had a ton of fun. Vienna, Jess, and I went to Snowbird on Friday night to do a little riding. Vienna wanted to show Jess her SKILLS! Then we went shopping up in Park City with Mom on Saturday. Thats where I got to show Jessica MY skills! Shopping is always fun! In all it was a great weekend and hopefully after the interesting week Jessica had with all of her headbanging she had a nice time too!

I'm still finalizing all of the reunion plans and regardless of my nagging phone calls this week, we are still going to plan on having it the week of the 4th. I will get out our solidified plans by the end of the week! We are going to have a great time and I have some fun things planned. I can't wait for the 1st ever Halversen Family Reunion! It's going to be a blast! I'll keep you updated!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Think you got a bite?


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hank bridges to Boy Scouts

The Cub Scout bridging to Boy Scouts is a very special moment. It was a grand indian ceremony with a drum circle, a brave shooting arrows into a scout symbol (one arrow per boy), and braves dancing around the fire. There was a 5 foot high rope bridge that was crossed from cub leader to boy scout troop. The arrow with the scouts name and abilities were presented to the boys with a special arrow of light symbol carved into the plack. There cub leader was presented with 14 hands full of flowers after the event. We are proud of Hank. -- Scott

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My new love

Here is my new love. I am so excited about my new snowboard I sleep with it!! I can't wait to hit the slopes with this baby!!