Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Proud Mama!!

Well, we finally did it! We got our little girl out on the mountain and it was great! I couldn't be more proud of her. We had a blast! We went up to Snowbird for the night and she did very well. It was a little cold, but she was a trooper and now she is hooked. All she could talk about on the way home was when she gets to go again! She is definately my girl! We had so much fun together rolling around in the snow! Definately a night to remember! Now it's Jessica's turn! She's coming down to go snowboarding this weekend and it's just in time for a good storm. I'm taking her to the top of the mountain and letting her either sink or swim in some good ol' Utah powder! Are you ready Jess??

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fresh Fish.... CA

We have been enjoying the open air biking along Cannery Row and the fishermans warf. There is a 18 mile bike trail here but I think we only went 2 miles. It will be awhile before we start biking 18 miles a day. I know that Grant and Marilynn are probably biking 26 miles a day and dancing 10 miles a night. They have to do that to keep warm up there in the land of Ice and snow.

2 wheeling and having fun. CA

Sarah decided she was ready to be a two wheeling girl this past month. She has been great in pushing out the door to ride bikes all over the county. She loves the freedom and the speed of a good bike in the great outdoors. We are happy to have her as our physical trianer. She is full of energy always.
Hank has been consistent in making the grades in school. He wasn't to keen on having his parents stop him before he went to his class to get a picture and a hug. I guess 11 year olds don't want their parents to notice them too much when their friends are watching. Oh well, the joys of being a parent.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Don't be shocked!

Don't be shocked! Pat and Kent are getting in on the act. I have had some trouble getting this computer and software working. I am not sure this posting will even take place. I think I need a different mouse, hard drive or at least a new transmission. My mercury is having trouble too. The carborator don't carb, the generator don't gen and the Piston -they don't work either.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh my gosh! The Insanely cold weather is actually good for something!!!

Snowboarding with the cousins was a total blast. I think I have found my new love in life. It almost makes the insanely cold weather worth it. I am so grateful to Paul, Linette, and the cousins for showing me such a sweet time. I am already going snowboarding again at Grand Targhee this weekend with some friends. I am still trying to get used to the cold, I often break out in convulsive shivering, but I think it is worth it. Thanks again Idaho Halversens!!!
Love always,

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Hey everyone, Yesterday Paul, Allen, Jessica, Shawn, Ryan and I went snowboarding at Kelly Canyon, a nearby ski resort. Jessica hasn't truly been snowboarding so at Kelly Canyon she got to experience the 10 degree weather, numb fingers and toes, a warm fire in the lodge and really cold snow slapping you in the face.

Excluding the soreness and bruises, I think we had fun.
6 Ski passes= $204
Snowboard rental= $25
Cascading down a mountain side= Priceless

Ski lifts #1 and #2

Allen, Heather and Jessica

Shawn, Heather and Jessica


Looking good Jessica!

And to top it off...

This morning we woke up felling like we were hit by multiple Gray Hound buses filled to capacity with foreign tourists seeking Yellow Stone National Park.

Jessica's got talent / Heather

Some of our latest stuff..

Hi family- we are anticipating greatly the family reunion! Thanks to Lori for doing so MUCH to make it fun and nice!! Here's some of my fun stuff from this week!

Rach and Mark

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Missing Jessica in January :-(

Hello everyone!

Well, we are here trudging through a very warm wet January. Everyone is hard at work and school. It was a nice relaxing holidays for us. We did miss everyone though.

Our sunshine left for Idaho. Were are glad that she is there meeting new people and doing cool things. It sounds like she has some awesome classes too. She is still getting used to the difference between the Florida Keys and Northern Idaho.

I told her that my old ggg grampa Lars Ole Olafson, back in Denmark said that there is no such thing as bad weather... just bad clothing. Suck it up!

Geoffrey decided that he was going to tear up the mats this winter and decided to join the wrestling team. That seems to be going well for him. Morgy is playing Basketball. Its fun to watch them. They both went to see the Harlem GlobeTrotters, who were in town tonight. The whole team signed Morgans Aeropostale Hoodie. Yea..We thought that was nice! Stephanie is tearing up school and getting ready to start training for Volleyball again.

Jessica had a birthday and it sounds like it was a great one. Paul and Linnette and everyone-- Thanks so much for making her birthday special.

Lori, Mom Dad, Paul and Linnette Thanks again for helping Jessica off to get of to a good start. You all really made a big difference and thanks for driving her all the way up there.

Can't wait to come out this summer.

Enjoy life and keep the faith. Love Brian.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

January Update and REUNION Info!

Here we all are in Jessica's new SWEET Crib!

Vienna is crazy about Jess! They even got sweet matching hats to brave the elements in Rexburg Idaho.

This is outside Jessica's dorm! Look how excited she is! (I think I might have been more excited than her!) She was great to put up with her annoying aunt!

I thought I would give everyone a "heads up" on the family reunion. Yes, remember we discussed this last year! I hope your calendar is marked and pennies are being saved! I have a pretty good idea of where we are going to have it. I am speaking with some people at a condo resort in Midway Utah near the Homestead. The dates we will be staying are July the 3rd, 4th, and 5th! So try to get those work schedules worked out. I have lots of great things planned like lots of swimming, hiking, golfing, alpine slides, maybe some scuba in a nearby crater, hopefully a mom's retreat at the nearby spa, and plenty of 4th of July festivities in nearby Park City. I am hoping to get these condos for a very discounted rate through a friend and I am thinking between 60 and 80 dollars a night at the most. They are full condos with kitchens and we will be doing a lot of our own cooking, but don't worry about that, I'll be taking care of everything. Considering we have NEVER done anything like this and the entire family has not been in the same place since my wedding in 1997, I think this is a pretty important deal! SO, don't say I didn't warn you! I know getting time off work and expenses for a trip are hard, but try your hardest. It is going to be a lot of fun and a time with Mom and Dad and the rest of the family to really remember! Mark your calendars!

Things are going pretty well for us! Bryce and I went up to Logan for the weekend. I had some choreography to do for a dance company up there and we decided to make a get-away out of it. We met up with some old friends for dinner, hit a basketball game, and relaxed in the hot tub for awhile and without kids, it was a REAL vacation! Mom and Dad were so great to take the kids overnight so we could do this. They are so great. The kids got spoiled by Nana and Papa. They went to the movies and then to the swimming pool where mom got to see most of the Moore family from Minnesota. Of course they are all doing well. It's always funny to hear about those guys!

So, things are going pretty well. This is always kind of a dead month and we're all just trying to get through it all. It's pretty cold here and with Bryce's ankle in recovery from a Basketball injury, we havent spent any time up on the mountain. I just feel for poor Jessica. I think it got down to -15 there a couple of nights ago. She said she felt like here face was going to crack on her way to her 7am class! Coming from Floirda, she is not too happy about Rexburg's climate. I don't say I blame her! I'm somewhat of a warm-blooded creature myself! We had a lot of fun taking her up to school and getting her settled in. Paul and Lin got to come and meet us for lunch too, that was nice. She is going to have a blast up there. Let's all pray that she doesnt freeze solid! I guess those are the little things that make us remember college so fondly!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An amazing story....

Hey guys- click here to read an amazing story we haven't had time to tell but has been added as a post on a blog Lori got me reading... Tales From The Crib!

Click here- to see it!

Love everyone!
Mark and Rachel

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1st Time Blogger

Hello everyone, this is Heather. I guess that I will be doing most of the blogging for my family. How is everyone doing? Hopefully all of you can reply with a "good" or even "fantastic." The Idaho Halversens have been VERY busy, but we will try to get at least something on every month.
As an update on our family,(pretty much the same as the Christmas letter) we have been pretty good. Paul is now on his 19 year of working at the INL, and Lin is still a stay-at-home mom.(the BEST ever I might add) Allen is now working with our uncles and our grandpa Thornton in their painting business, trying to earn enough money for his mission. Shawn is now a Junior in High School and I am now a Freshman. Ryan is in 7th grade and MaKayla is now in 3rd grade.
Christmas was wonderful. Most of the day the family spent playing Shawn's new game settlers of Zerahemla and watching the new movies from Christmas. For New Years Eve we went over to my aunt and uncles house for dinner, treats, and entertainment while awaiting the new year. Yesterday Pat, Lorie, Vienna, Jessica and Sally arrived at our house. We stayed up until 11:30pm talking and watching old movies of grandma Millie and uncle Brian in 1985.
Well everyone from Idaho hopes that you all will have a very merry 2007!

Monday, January 01, 2007

At Paul's House!!

At Paul

Aud new year

Kate's sister Lizz has been all over the newspapers this season... with whole page pictures of her in her outfit... she really stands out. Sarah and I followed her in the parade with Daniel.
So if you didn't figure out how to find Waldo, this is the answer (for finding Scott).
Always so much fun. Scott

Audster on New Years Eve.