Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello family! We are missing most of the Halversens this holiday and we hope yours was warm a enjoyable! We just posted a few pictures of our day and wishing that we could see you all more too!! Can't wait to see how yours went!

Enjoy those yummy leftovers as we are!!!

Mark, Rach, Lena and Dane

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween Fun (a little late)

Vienna and her friends at our ward Halloween Carnival. She was a Chinese Fighting Princess.
Dr. Higbee and Dr. Higbee. We are the coolest don't you think?
My Little Monsters!
Saxon and his "Ninja Pumpkin Head" He too was a ninja for Halloween.
Oh yes, I know it is only a week late, but here is our Halloween update. I wish we had some sort of exciting news about the big night, but it was your standard get all the candy that you can experience. I took the kids out first and came home to a house full of people. Bryce invited a bunch of people over and they all brought treats so I wasn't too upset. We were very lucky to have Vienna with us this year. The past two years she went trick-or-treating with friends and this year decided she wanted to be with her family. We all felt so special!! The kids came home about 3 miles later and proceeded to count all of their candy taking special care of their "full size" treats. Saxon's was gone within a 24 hour period. Kael finished his a couple of days ago, and I think Vienna will still have her stash this time next year. Oh how I loved Halloween when I was young. I love reliving it with these little ones. Definately one of the best parts about parenting.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Other Halloween fun.

This was a great year for Halloween treats. The kids went to 3 nights of parting and treats. Hank ran hard to pick up as much as he could so later he could enjoy supplying is dentist with candy for 2 dollars a pound. He collected more then 7 pounds worth and was very pleased with himself. The girls had a very sweet week. Sarah had a delightful tigger dance which came with a cute tummy rub and jiggle.

School friends make for tuns of fun on Halloween day. Audrey was with her friends that night and walked around the old town seeing the sights and collecting candy. The rest of us went to the suburbs and to a town Halloween fair. Being in the country is great but when your treating, the suburbs are the best. SAH

Monday, November 05, 2007

Whats the point of having a Giant Robot if you can't Blow anything up with it?

Alright... So This is what we Dressed up for Halloween as... Actually this is me and My Friend Volunteering at a local Haunted house put on by the DARE program... Its got some way cool stuff... the Costumes down below like the Predator Costumes and others were made by a guy that works in Hollywood... some of the costumes like the 2 Predator and Jeppers Creepers costumes below cost $1000+... so we had to be careful!

Can you Guess Which one I am?


Alright, From Left to RIght: My friend Ken, who leaves for Argentina Nov 14th, he is a True Cowboy! Next is My Friend Dustin in the Dracula Costume... He is an Avid Ballroom Dancer... Then in the Middle is Me <> Im in a Predator Costume from a movie called AVP <> Then Shawn is just behind me in the Red Clown mask and Rainbow Afro...Then Heather is the Clown out Front in Poki-Dots.. then at the End is my Uncle Travis also in a Predator Costume... It was Great fun!

Here are some of the Extra Masks... Creepy! :o

Alright, this is Me <> and Heather... Heather is the Clown, and i am in Jeppers Creepers Costume... I wish i had the Mask on when i took the Pick, it looks Real... i also got to stand on a Pnumatic Lift that would raise me 4 feet into the Air... and their were some real Knarly Wings that would Open up and Flap... it was like a 6 foot wing span... Deffenatly one of my Favorite Costumes and places to scare!
Alright... This Costume is sapost to be a Mutant Fish... Except im all Hairy... how does that work? ant i think this was one of the most hottest Costumes their are.... accept maybe the Warewolf Costumes...
Ok, on the Left is My Cousin Chris in a Warewolf Costume and Shawn is in a Mutant Squirrel Costume... Both are fun I Bet!

Ok, this is my Cowboy Friend Ken... and he is Picking his Zombie nose to find Delicious treats of the Groddiest kind!

This Haunted house ran for most of October till Halloween night and was a Blast to partisipate in... Their is nothing quite like having a bunch of Mocho College guys Cowering like 3 year old toddlers as they pass you by! If they have someting like this in your local areas, I HIGHLY advise you partisipate in it because its way fun and a good cause!


More Snow Pics!

Alright, So an old Wise man once said, " Their is a fine line Between Hunting, and Walking around with a Rifle Looking Stupid..." Case and Point in the Picture above!
This is also from that Freak Snowstorm Sunday...Looks a lil Cold Dun it?
This is how I Stay Warm and Look so Cool all at the same time!
The Pink Goggles really are a nice touch ;P
Ahh, and here is a Pic of my Dad at the East coast on a business trip a few weeks back.
And here is a Pick of me playing around with a Fun flashlight i made to find Blood while Hunting... just a few Red and Blue LDS's do the trick and it works great... now i just need to kill an Elk too test it out... The Deer hid too well this deer season so no Buck >.< But it makes for a great interesting Pick anyway!
Allen... A.K.A. Ringo~

Baltimore Eh?

Well everyone... its nice and Brownish tan here :/ no snow yet to cover up all the dead grass and weeds... and the trees are loosing their leaves.. this dosent help to make it look more inviting ;P anywho.. I got some lovely Picks from Halloween and other things... here is a lil snapshot into our lives... ^.^ Here are some great picks of me and Ryan and Makayla Playing in the snow on Conference Sunday... We got a freak snowstorm that dropped like 6 inches of snow starting at around 6:00 am and leaving us with 6 inches of snow by 9:00 am... The trees around the neighborhood were Crumbleing under the sheir weight of the snow because they still had green leaves on them so the snow piled up on em... thus we went about the neighborhood beatiing the snow offa the trees with Rakes and Brooms and even a 2X4 :o It was Amazing.

Here i am Checking out the Snow... i almost didnt beleave my mom when she said we got snow... i was thinking... Yippy! and inch of snow as i walked up the stairs from my room, and low and behold... their was more snow then i have seen in like a year... litterally ;P

Yeah, I got Snowboarding on my mind!

Oh My.. when that melts.. its going to be a Big MESS and Oh how it was!

Here is Makayla and a Large Snowman that we built.
And Ryan Aswell. :)