Friday, August 31, 2007

Football game tonight.

I got my money's worth tonight.
Morgan's football team was kinda getting there
butts kicked by the team from Hazelwood. But
there was a storm a brewin. That storm is -MORGAN-
Down by 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter.
7 minutes left. Madison gets the ball back
on the 40 and gets it down to the 32 at 4th down.
They sent Morgan deep to the endzone. One of the
few pass attempts all night because their secondary
defenders were good all game.
In a crowd of defenders, he went up and caught
the ball and came down with the Touchdown to
bring the team to within 4 points. We marched
again with new momentum and got the ball back and
score another TD in the last 30 seconds.
The crowd in the stadium went bananas!
Morgans high five hand is about worn out tonight
by all the congrats.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anniversary ..

..Blogged on down memory lane today...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Saxons Cowboy Birthday! (a little late!!)

Thought I would put up a few pictures of Saxon's birthday! It was quite the birthday! It started with a parade and he left with about 3 pounds of candy. All of his Utah cousins and aunts and uncles came over for a BBQ (that's about 30!) He is really into cowboys so we took him to a rodeo and then topped it off with our town fireworks! He just thought all the celebrating was for him. We didn't tell him it was Alpine days! He doesn't care, it was great! Here are some pics!

Summer is Over!

Hangin out on the boat and "TUBIN"
Saxon is our Boat FANATIC!
First Day of Schoos Threads!
Saxon going au naturalle on the ranch!

Well, Vienna started 1st grade on Tuesday and I am coming to the realization that summer is pretty much over. Sending your first child off to first grade is quite somthing. I never realized how long school really is. I found myself missing my little girl in the early afternoon and watched the clock slowly tick by until she walked through my door. And all she could say about her first day of school was "Mom, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, and a cookie for lunch!!" Yes, lunch was the highlight of school for her. She never liked pb&j sandwiches at our house, oh well. She is loving school. It doesn't hurt that all of her best friends are in her class. I'm just hoping that with all the distraction she might actually learn somthing.

We took a short trip down to our ranch to camp last weekend. One last hurrah before school starts and we had a fabulous time, except for when Bryce drove the Jeep into a ditch!! We got it out o.k. and we had a fantastic time! The kids love camping and I only wish we had gone more this summer! All in all it was a good summer. The reunion was definately a highlight. I hope everyone else had a fantastic summer. I'm a little sad it's over, but I am excited for a little structure. Things seem crazy in the summertime. Here is a few pictures of our outings!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two peas in a pod.

Just having PB&J's in our Orange shirts together....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Making crazy cookies at Jane's

Sarah and her good friend Mandy spent the past 5 years making mud pies for our "Neighbor Jane" and getting choclate chip cookies and other sugar filled goodies in return. Now Mandy is moving to Utah so Neighbor Jane invited the girls over to make a farewell concoction. The girls didn't even bring any mud. We will miss Mandy and her family. If you are in Ogden and a giggling girl offers you a delicous mudpie, give her a big hello from us and a choclate chip cookie or two if you happen to have any. -SAH

China Brian shots from July 07

"Big fun. Very different." - Brian

Monday, August 13, 2007

Other SC dudes...

The sand on Carmel beach is so nice. You feel like you want it pushed all over your toes. Hank likes to be baried in it. It just feels good. Carmel is a wonderful place.

Ok, So Allen is a big surfing Dude. He even went to the surfing museum. Coolness....

Sarah's Baptism July 29

Sarah had a great birthday and baptism. She had friends and family present and the water was nice and warm. She asked if she could swim around before she had to leave the font. Her cousins Alli Wilkinson and Allen Halversen gave wonderful talks.

It is always great to have the grandparents present for these events. We love them so very much and enjoy having them in our lives and during special events.

Nana Claire made Sarah the special butterfly cake. You know you are special when you get a butterfly cake. It was a busy day that ended with a swim and candles. Scott

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Very Unhappy Birthday to You!

Well I am sad to report that my dearest husband has probably one of the crummier birthdays that I have seen. It all started with a very busy work day for him (he's not a big fan of those). Hopes to possibly get home early were shattered by some appointments and deadlines. Other events made it an overall horrifying day at work for him. Things at home were crazy too. His dear wife has been coaching Young Womens Softball everyday in a week long tournement and has also been playing on the stake team for region tournement every night. Plans to go out to a nice dinner and have a small party were crushed when I was informed of a double header. Luckily we had the chance to see our daughter perform in the Alpine Days Lip Sync contest. She has been planning this for about 365 days (since last years competition). She was brilliant! After her fabulous performance a shrill cry came from a nearby playground. Kael had been pushed from the top of the monkey bars and fell to break his arm. Where was mom? Yes, a softball game. Bryce took Kael and luckily Grandma and Grandpa Higbee were there to cheer Vienna on. It was a good thing too because what I heard was that when they announced the first place winner out of 40 kids, My little Vienna was SHOCKED! Our entire ward was there to scream and cheer and from what it sounded like, it was like a movie. AND I MISSED IT ALL! After a long game (yes, we killed them!) I finally rolled in at 10PM. My Kael was on the couch looking miserable, Vienna was on cloud 9 dreaming of what to buy with the 20 bucks that she had won, Saxon was very overtired, and my dear husband was on the back porch quietly reading a book. I wondered what I could possibly to to make this seemingly horrible birthday a little better. I grabbed his favorite cake that I somehow found time to make earlier that day (thank goodness), assembled the kids, lit some candles, and we had a oh so small and not to mention LATE party on the back porch. It was very sweet and I hope it made his supposedly "special" day a little more special. I guess it all boils down to family in the end. What a day. So here I TRY to sit and type this message with a rasberry on my butt the size of a cantaloupe that I recieved while trying to slide into a base and tell you about this crazy day. And in the end, I realize that I don't think I will ever forget that little birthday party on the back proch at 1030 at night because I was with the people I care about most in this world. I hope you all are having little magical moments like this with your families.
Oh, the only picture I have to share of this day is the one of the rasberry on my butt, so I will save you all the horror and send some others with the next post. You can thank me later!