Sunday, October 03, 2010

Oh.. Wow, It's October already?

Again with the cool fun weekend by the sea. Our oldest son brought a bunch of his uber-cool friends to the art walk in our cool downtown area. After tuns of food, music, art, and books, we took them home to enjoy a moment of peace before a wonderful night sleep without the thought of getting up at 5AM to go study words of wisdom etc... What can I say, it feels amazing to sleep in once in a while. The surf tide report was terrible so no need to get up at 6AM to float around Cowells in hopes of catching a narly wave or two. The rest of day has been drawing and traveling around to cool art studios during the Open Studios weekend. I am hiped about painting with some of the styles I've seen this weekend. Hard core bright colors plastered on stretched canvas. What a full weekend. Sitting at our ranch next to the lake for awhile drawing more is a great end to a great weekend. Life is good.