Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi again. Well it is starting again. Stephanie is on the Tennis Team and won a match the other day. Thats nice, as it has been a hard season.

She also went to Prom with Aaron. This is the picture that I like the best.

Geoff and Morgan are starting their baseball seasons again. Geoff is also on the Track team and his best High jump this year is 5'-8.

Jessica is finishing her spring term at the local college and is going to work at North American Stainless this summer as an Intern in the Safety Department.

Super Stoked for Summer. We can't wait to fill the boat with $5 gas. Hope everyone is well. We miss you all so much.

Congrats Bryce and Lori on you beautiful Baby. Keep up the good work Allen.

Love you all. Brian, Roxanne, Jess, Steph, Geoff, Morgan

Thursday, April 17, 2008

He's Finally Here!

Cache Thomas
10 lb. 7oz.

I came home from the hospital today (a day early) because I am really missing my bed. The only problem is, my bed is too high to get up into so I will have to get creative! It is good to be home. Bryce and I had a nice relaxing and quiet day here because the kids are at mom and dads. They are on their way home right now and we are preparing for our quiet little home to once again become the wonderful crazy home that it usually is. The kids can't wait to see their little brother again. I am going to have to get out my kitchen timer to rotate who gets to hold Cache. He is going to get a lot of attention, thats for sure. I stocked up on hand sanitizer and we are ready to go.

The surgery went beautifully. No problems at all. I am recovering quite well too. Other than the usual post surgery/delivery pains, I am doing great! Don't get me wrong, I am not doing cartwheels (yet!) I am excited to take it easy for awhile.

Cache is a perfect baby. I have only heard him cry once and that was because he gets a little impatient for food. All the nurses at the hospital fought over who got to hold him next because they all loved him so much. He is a big boy with lots to squish! Squishy babies are the best! So, that is all the news. We are so excited to have Cache! Here are a few pictures! The bloody ones are for Brian!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break Surf Trip.

Hi everyone. Like to tell you a story about three guys who wanted to get out of the rat race and chase the sun in Cocoa Beach and the ramps at the Orlando Watersports Center. The plan was.. there is no plan, other than camp on the beach, eat cerial out of the box, ride the waves and soak up the sun. The weather was bad in Indiana and we were all burned out from school and work.

No Worries!

We found the best Philly steak and Cheese in the whole state.

Geoff rode in a nice one while I was on the pier to snap a pic.

It was all over too fast.

Go Lori. Go Lori.. ooh. ooh. ooh Good Luck ..We love you.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big Basin Redwood Forest fun

We have fun dragging the kids away from their normal daily rituals and putting them in the thick of nature and history. The last thing they want to do on a school weekend is learn more stuff.

The Big Basin Redwoods State Park has a surprising number of waterfalls and a wide variety of environments from lush canyon bottoms to sparse chaparral-covered slopes. Many animals such as deer, raccoon, coyote, fox, an occasional bobcat, mountain lion, and many bird species--including California quail, egret, heron, hawk, owl, woodpecker, and the endangered marbled murrelet--call Big Basin home. And of course there are always plenty of banana slugs!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hi every one We are coming out of winter in Indiana here and man are we glad for that. We don't normally get much snow, but just just a few weeks ago we got 14" all in one day.

We had some fun with it though.

Morgan made some good use of one of our ice storms this winter. Hopefully we have a cold winter next year because we all have hockey skates and I am planning a hockey rink in the back yard.

Then it all melted within a week or so then Morgan and I went back packing in the Apalacian mountains with the scouts.

It was a very nice trip.

We Hiked in Natural Bridge State Park in KY.

Good Luck Lori. Hope that everyone is enjoying life, you might as well, you only get one ticket to ride.

CYA Brian